Lord House / Richard Neutra Renovation & Addition

Los Angeles, USA

2021 – 2023

In 1961, prolific TV writer & composer Stephen Lord (CHiPs, Fantasy Island, Johnny Ringo, etc.) commissioned mid-century modernist architect Richard Neutra to design a home on a 26,500SF promontory lot with jetliner views toward the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the San Fernando Valley and beyond.  The property is located in Los Angeles, off of Mulholland Drive at the end of a private road.  Perched at the top of a ridge, the Lord House offers seclusion and privacy. 


Team: Erik Amir, Dora Chi, Chentian Lu                                                    Photograph: Michael Weber

The addition was designed to be respectful of the existing house, yet have an architectural identity of its own.  While the main house is a series of floating planes, the addition is its inversion – two abstract volumes tied between a floating canopy built around an existing tall Cypress tree.

Facing the valley to the north, the living room with floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors make the transition between indoors and outdoors appear nonexistent.  Neutra’s contrasting heavy yet floating fireplace is centered between the open living room and dining room.

Natural light fills the house with the expansive glazing and series of light wells placed throughout the home.  Utilizing the existing openings, the new white oak open kitchen frame views between the entry patio and the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The new modern bathrooms are designed to be minimal and timeless with pure and geometric shapes expressed with warm floating travertine vanities.

The loose curves of the landscape and pool percolate through the orthogonal design of the house and addition creating various gardens.  A form of tranquility is provided by rocks and stones that have been placed strategically throughout the gardens.

A large entry patio penetrates the home, guiding visitors with a low hanging rectangular canopy, crossing a bridge over a reflection pool into the front door.  The entry features an added Japanese Black Pine Bonsai tree found in the original perspective.